Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Finished Pieces, Practice, Computer Animation, and more!

Hello again! So here's some stuff from all over the place - I figured I'd just get it all in this post since I'm a bit late on the blog bandwagon! (sketches are in previous post) Enjoy!

Above are some illustrationy thingies I made over the year - some more finished than others!

 Here are some digital figure paints I made today - I had some figure drawing in freshman year but hadn't had it in my curriculum this past year. However I really love figure and was thrilled to hear about open studio sessions they have in my home town. Never figure painted before but I definitely want to learn!

And finally some thumbnails I did for fun that I may develop into something soon - I have lots of sketches and ideas for digi paints that I want to make so we'll see where these fall on the list! ;)

And here are some fun process shots of my Sit Stand project at Ringling! Soo much more I wish I could have done but alas! The video loader on here seems to be going very slow so for now here is a link to the vimeo video. :) after the first link will also be the link to my demo reel!  << Sit Stand  << Demo Reel

And finally, here is a CG still life project from the year as well. Deeeefinitely a lot to be improved here, but again - a great learning assignment.

Well I think that's it for now - thanks for checkin it out. :) Expect more work in the near future!!


  1. Valerieeeeeeeee your character designs are just so deliciously awesome <3<3 And I particularly adore your 3D character *_*

    1. aww thank you isabela!! im glad you like them!! :D your recent paintings are AWESOME by the way!! love the fortune teller lady shes so cool!!