Friday, April 10, 2015

Update with a Side of Doodles!


Finally my senior thesis film is finished! Look out for Stellar Moves this summer!! I'm so proud of my team and fellow classmates, and so thankful for all the support from teachers, family, and friends.

If you would like to be updated on our film and see little behind the scenes goodies, like our facebook page here!

Now that thesis is wrapped up I've been thumbnailing out some ideas for a new project I'll be working on, and of course making a bunch of other silly doodles in between! Can't wait to share the film with all of you. Until then, here's some other stuff!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

New Website!

Hello Bloggers!

You'll notice that recently I haven't updated this blog, and this is because I've been very busy on a secret project! It's actually not that secret - it happens to be my senior thesis project in the Computer Animation program at Ringling. All production work on it will be private until its premiere, so sadly at this time I cannot share it with you here on the bloggiverse.

However, I do welcome you to stop by my new portfolio website, to see what I've been making recently that I can show! If you would like to view areas of the website that are password protected, there are some circumstances in which I can share that information and would be happy to speak with you about it! Contact me any time at

Until then thanks for following! I look forward to sharing all the fun production work with you when I'm able to do so! :)

Here's a quick sketch, remember to encourage your young gator sons to study hard and reach for the stars!