Saturday, January 31, 2015

New Website!

Hello Bloggers!

You'll notice that recently I haven't updated this blog, and this is because I've been very busy on a secret project! It's actually not that secret - it happens to be my senior thesis project in the Computer Animation program at Ringling. All production work on it will be private until its premiere, so sadly at this time I cannot share it with you here on the bloggiverse.

However, I do welcome you to stop by my new portfolio website, to see what I've been making recently that I can show! If you would like to view areas of the website that are password protected, there are some circumstances in which I can share that information and would be happy to speak with you about it! Contact me any time at

Until then thanks for following! I look forward to sharing all the fun production work with you when I'm able to do so! :)

Here's a quick sketch, remember to encourage your young gator sons to study hard and reach for the stars!